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Tips To Remember Before Undergoing A Dermatologic Surgery

People are afraid of undergoing any surgical operations be it a Bypass or Gynecological surgery, Orthopedics or dermatologic surgery some risks factor are indeed involved in each of them. But these risks may worsen if the patient is not mentally prepared as well as physically conceived for the surgery. Dermatologic surgery deals with the skin and thus a person undergoing such a surgery should be aware of his internal health which is a key factor during most surgical operations as these operations are associated with the heart rates, blood pressure and blood levels, fluid level in the body.

Dermatologic surgeries such as hair restoration, chemical peering, cancer treatments, acne scarring, laser surgery, vein therapy, tumescent liposuction surgery and anti aging treatments are widely used. Out of these some of the surgeries require proper attention before as well as after the surgery including rehabilitation exercises, diets and exposure of affected area to heat or cold or moisture. Further, certain points should also keep in mind during a surgery such as to be patient, do not take too much stress if swelling or bruising occurs and finally following healthy habits even during surgery.

Do’s and dont’s before the surgery

DO’s: Before undergoing a dermatologic surgery, it is essential to peek through the do’s and dont’s before surgery. It decides the intensity of surgery i.e. how effective the surgery is. The first and foremost thing for a surgery is to choose a right dermatologist with proper knowledge as well as wide knowledge regarding a particular surgery. Besides that, in some dermatological surgeries it is advised to gain a normal body weight. For example, in liposuction surgery, the body should be near to its normal weight because it is the removal of fat from certain localized areas. In skin related surgeries especially treatment of skin cancer, to avoid exposure to direct sunlight it is advised to use sunscreen which acts a protective layer for the skin. Proper Diet also adds to the successful surgery, therefore it is advised to take nutritious foods.

DONT’s: With the equal probability of following certain rules, it is also essential to completely avoid some habits for healthy surgery. Use of smoking as well as alcoholic beverages should completely be avoided two weeks prior to the surgery. In skin cancer treatments it is strictly advised to quit these things. Doctors also recommend to discontinue the use of supplements as in some surgical treatments like tummy tuck in Thailand it causes bleeding during surgery. In surgery such as that microdermabrasion, it is advised to not to use exfoliating creams such as the acne creams and avoid waxing prior to the treatment.